Why Choose Cooxy?

A feast for the eyes, the Cooxy is the smartest BBQ in Australia. 

Everyone's talking about it, and families love it. 

It's Simple

A fun and straightforward mobile app guides the user and assists with operation of the barbecue. The COOXY app does it all! Temperature, cooking tips, an automatic cut-out – it’s all under control and updated automatically. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you don’t need an internet connection! This BBQ cooks perfectly, even in areas with no mobile phone reception.

Thanks to the one-piece stainless steel top, the Cooxy is a strong and sanitary item of urban furniture. It’s extremely shock-resistant and handles all kinds of weather conditions. Control of the BBQ via Bluetooth on a smartphone has allowed us to eliminate components that deteriorate quickly and are easily damaged (On/Off button and the temperature control knob). Sometimes it’s not actually the weather that spoils public areas, we also offer the option of an anti-vandalism warranty.

It's Strong

It's Safe

COOXY presents no fire hazard whatsoever. A safe zone (non-heated) surrounding the cooking zone, combined with a very low inertia heater element, gives users maximum convenience and optimum safety, especially when there are small children around.

It's Popular

COOXY has proved to be a tremendous success in Europe. From a survey we found that 99% of our users felt satisfied with using the BBQ grill and the accompanying app.  

It's simple, precise and quick to use.  Click here to see how it works! 


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Cooxy is the most useful and the most original piece of urban furniture.

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